IMS ECUBES and Arcola Energy announce Joint Venture to simultaneously address grid stability and zero emission transport

Governor of Sumatra with hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Denmark

Governor of Sumatra with hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Denmark

Today in Copenhagen the Governor of South Sumatra meets with leading energy and mobility innovators to explore the energy grid and transport solutions of the future. The meeting marks the creation of a new Joint Venture between IMS ECUBES the Norwegian grid specialists, and Arcola Energy, the British hydrogen and fuel cell experts.

The new joint venture has been created to develop whole system energy and mobility solutions for market opportunities in Europe and South Asia. The team will offer the energy infrastructure of tomorrow with market opportunities for grid stability systems enabled by the shift to renewable power in countries like Denmark, and the requirement for clean power generation in developing economies such as Indonesia.

IMS ECUBES Norway possess comprehensive knowledge and deep understanding of transmission systems operations with a special emphasis on electricity balancing. Proprietary know-how and competences make IMS ECUBES capable of developing and implementing innovative services and business models for exploiting the flexibility offered by emerging technologies.

Arcola Energy UK are leading experts in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, working with a network of technology developers and mass-market manufacturers to develop and deliver integrated energy systems to support grid stability and enable hydrogen mobility.

In Europe, Denmark’s world-leading EnergiNet framework for electricity and gas network management offers opportunities to work with energy network operators to develop robust grid balancing services at a system level. This grid balancing requirement drives the business case for the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure needed for zero emission transport.

In South Asia, Indonesia is hosting the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, capital of South Sumatra province. The Governor of South Sumatra has made a commitment to use only zero emission vehicles for the Games. This commitment, combined with the need for a reliable and clean energy system, makes South Sumatra an example of key markets for the energy systems of the future.

Postnord Copenhagen, June 18 2016, IMS ECUBES, ARCOLA ENERGY, SYMBIO team with Governor of South Sumatra Ex. Alex Noerdin and his Indonesian delegation

Postnord Copenhagen, June 18 2016, IMS ECUBES, ARCOLA ENERGY, SYMBIO team with Governor of South Sumatra Ex. Alex Noerdin and his Indonesian delegation

Alex Noerdin, Governor of South Sumatra said "I am very interested in these rapidly emerging technologies and the potential they offer to improve the lives of Indonesian people through reducing air pollution and advancing our economy. I believe that the Asian Games 2018 in the cities of Palembang and Jakarta are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and to launch available green technologies for our greener future”.

Dorte Bech Vizard, Director of Invest in Denmark said “The Danish government is committed to making Denmark a leader in clean energy which includes creating the transport systems of the future. I am therefore very pleased that international companies like Arcola Energy and IMS ECUBES plan to invest in the Danish hydrogen fuel cell cluster. We at Invest in Denmark and our colleagues from Copenhagen Capacity are happy to assist in this new venture and welcome their investment into Denmark”.

Dr Ben Todd, Managing Director of Arcola Energy said “I am delighted to expand our collaboration with IMS ECUBES through this new venture. The combination of grid infrastructure expertise and industrialisation capability is critical to achieving Arcola’s ambition to deliver hydrogen and fuel cell solutions at mass-market scale”.

Aleksander Gerbec, President of IMS ECUBES said “Arcola Energy expertise in hydrogen and fuel cells for both power generation and zero-emission mobility enables IMS ECUBES to deliver commercial solutions which simultaneously address challenges in energy and transport systems, unlocking the potential significant new markets”.

IMS ECUBES & ARCOLA will launch their latest fuel cell-based product, and present the developments of the new Joint Venture at the ”European Utility week” conference in Barcelona (15-18, November, 2016) under the track ENERGY REVOLUTION EUROPE, Technology is just an enabler.

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